Principal's Message

Principal of MLDC

Dear Students, when you are standing at the threshold of making significant choices from myriads of avenues open in front of you, two most crucial choices are that of choosing a career and a life partner! I am not much skilled in guiding you in terms of a life partner, but would certainly like to stress on some points related to selection of career.

For a career to bloom, a person needs to recognise his or her inner calling and it should go hand in hand with the development of related skills. This is where lie all the necessary ingredients for not only a successful career but also an accomplished life! Nevertheless, it is significant to respond to one's calling to success in career, it is also imperative to see if it is in sync with reality, personal circumstances and other variables. This, by no means, says that we must not think big, rather it implies that we should be true to ourselves to the core and systematically analyse the pros and cons to get to the heart of our chosen area, and if it performed with that finesse, the resultant career will lead to our growth.

However, while discussing career, a major area, we can't afford to overlook, is the assimilation of parents' interests with those of the ward. This becomes a major area of conflicts between the parents and the children as both have their grounds of validity. Although parents hold the best interests of the future prospects of the child, many a time, disregarding the aptitude of students, the person is pushed to fulfil parents' uncherished career dreams.

Another factor which vehemently operates through this parent-child conflict, is the peer pressure that parents encounter, that is to say that if the child of his or her colleague has got into the best of institutes, be it from any stream, they consider it to be mandatory on the part of their child too, to follow suit or else it will bring disrepute to the family.

This is where parents need to be involved in sincere introspection, as to their guidance to their children is free from these undesirable imposition. On their part, a child too needs to sensibly weigh their circumstances, strengths, weaknesses and select an achievable big goal which due to its synchronised involvement of head, heart and hand will ensure assured success and fulfilment! Best wishes for a rewarding career ahead.
-Principal, Dr. Dnyaneshwar M. Doke